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Charity Services

Data Detox
This service is designed to provide a health check of your existing customer database.

Data Zoo verifies the name and contact details of your customer database, validating existing records and identifying inaccurate, deceased or out of date information that is costing your organisation time and money.

Fill the Gaps
Data Zoo will clean and validate your existing customer database, removing duplicates and providing correct NZ Post addresses as well as flagging any potential deceased donors.

We will validate your existing customers and update any incorrect or outdated information in your database with the correct, verified customer details sourced from the highest quality databases ensuring you stay connected to your valuable donors

Make New Connections
Data Zoo can help you grow your customer base, providing data lists of such high quality, you’ll feel like they’ve been hand chosen for your organisation.

We can supply data for email, mobile, landline or DM campaigns, with the added benefit of profiling in order to target specific donors.

Deceased flag
Identify easily which of your donors, or their family members, have passed away.

Return mail process
Let Data Zoo manage your entire returned mail process. This can be time consuming and labour intensive but is a vital part of managing your customer contact details, let us take the pain away and complete this necessary task for you.