Frequently Asked Questions


Who Is Data Zoo?
Data Zoo Limited is a wholly owned and operated NZ Company and is located at:
Textile Center, Level 3, 1 Kenwyn Street, Parnell, Auckland 1142
NZ Companies number 328 7828

Data Zoo system?
Data Zoo operates out of two data centres in New Zealand managed by Net24 in Christchurch and Datcom in Auckland

How does Data Zoo collect the data in its master database? And how is it updated?
Our data is collected through various companies and agencies, please refer to the data section in our website for the full list:

Data Zoo’s master database is continually updated through several processes:
• Data is updated through our telemarketing team
• Through clients updating their own records
• Through returned mail
• Outsourced data providers
• Third party (permissions) based databases

How do we know we are compliant with Privacy Act?
Please refer to our privacy policy on our website. Data Zoo only supplies privacy compliant data in its systems and solutions to its clients.
For marketing purposes we only supply publically available information.
In regards to ID verification a consumer will have to give electronic or written consent for their information to be verified.

How do we know our data is safe?
Please refer to our data security and system security policies on our website. Data Zoo provides measure to ensure all customer information is secure at all times. We do not store any customer data after a process has been completed for our clients.

I believe the information you have on me is incorrect?
As Data Zoo collections and maintains data from third parties will endeavour to correct or advise how you get you information updated.
Please email the privacy Officer at data Zoo.

Is the data provided data Warranted?
Data Zoo is a member of the NZ Marketing Association. Data Zoo has “data warranted” by NZ MA in deliver of the data to its clients.

Do you apply suppressions to the list you provide?
As a member of NZ MA we wash all our data against the Do not Call, Do Not Mail and deceased register.

How is your data different to other providers?
Our solutions enable us to provide information that is specific to your request ensuring accurate and concise information is only provided

What is the cost for your service?
Every project is different, and our consultant will need to understand the specific requirements for your organisation in order to provide a quote. We are confident you will be surprised how affordable our services are especially against our competitors.

Marketing & charity services

We already have a large customer database, I don’t want to pay for information I already have?
Data Zoo de-dupes your existing customers from the new marketing list so you only pay for new prospects

I need more customers but I’m not sure whom to target? / What customer profile information can Data Zoo provide?
Data Zoo is able to attach geodemographic information to your existing customer database so we can understand more about the consumers you are dealing with and where your opportunities are. Once we know the customer types you want to target and the areas you want to target we are then able to provide toy a new prospect database for you to tele market or mail to.

Why is there a minimum order?
A minimum order for lists is set to ensure that list orders are economically viable.

When you check my existing data do I pay for the data you check or returns provided?
You only pay for returns we provide you.

Turn-Around Times. What is the turn-around time for my list or service?
We have a 72-hour turn-around from receipt of your signed order. Every endeavour will be made to provide the information inside this deadline where possible.

What is a set-up fee and do I pay it every time?
The Set-Up Fee is the charge to cover the cost of the selection, production and delivery of each list. Yes, a Set-Up Fee is charged on each list rental

Will I receive returned mail (GNA’s)?
Yes, simply because data is subject to change, based on ‘real’ changes in people’s circumstance such as a new house move / someone passes away. Because data is subject to change over time we recommended you use the new data provided as soon as possible (within 30 days).

By providing Data Zoo with the returned mail (or record of), this assists us to prioritise verification of the new data.

In the event of returns exceeding 5%, Data Zoo will replace the information or provide a credit for the cost of the data on a pro rata basis for any returns over and above the 5%

Because customers’ contact details are subject to change Data Zoo recommends regular validation of your databases.

How does the list get sent to me?
In most cases the list will be delivered encrypted as an MS EXCEL or COMMA DELIMTED TEXT file by email or by FTP. Alternately you can elect to have the file sent directly to your mail house or your call-centre.

Is the data single use or purchase?
In regards to updating and validating your customer’s records, these are your records. In regards to list purchase these are purchased for the sole use of your organisation. You are not allowed to sell to update any others companies’ databases with the data supplied from Data Zoo

Customer verification services

What is verification?
Is the process of verifying your customer data against all available databases from Data Zoo? A score is returned to identify how strong the match is between your data and Data Zoo’s data

What is validation?
Is the process of ensuring and checking that the information supplied is correct. In this process we de duped, clean and PAF (NZ Post Validation) a customers database before we process the information to be verified

How often should I clean my database?
At least every 6 months or before you engage in a major marketing campaign. Data ages so out of date, data can cost your organisation considerably more than maintaining its accuracy and cleanness.

How do you define a ‘match’ when there are so many variables in the customer contact details that could be ‘slightly’
We score all our returned data so you can understand the strength of the verification we have performed.

What Tele Append
Is the process of appending a telephone numbers to a customers name and address. The information is match on surname. The data is supplied by Yellow Pages Group.

What Tele verification
Is the process of verifying a customers name, address and telephone to the customers database. The information is match on surname. The data is supplied by yellow pages group

In what format is the data provided to me?
As per our data templates or as specifically request by the client

Will returned data be NZ post address standardised?