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Identity Solutions

Electronic ID verification

We have access to a wide range of identity data, which provides our customers a sense of confidence and a deeper understanding of who they are dealing with. Our solution offers easy implementation into your organisation, using either API,Web or Batch Processing services.

AML compliance

Data Zoo’s IDU solution enables organisations to Electronically Verify your customer’s details against multiple reliable and independent data sources held and accessed by Data Zoo as per the AML/CFT Act 2009.

We can tailor our solution to meet your organisations requirements whilst also enabling you to score and return data back in the IDU solution.

Our tools assist organisations to be fully compliant with their AML and KYC obligations. Ensuring Electronic Verification,(EV) safe harbour conditions are met and identity data is validated and correct.

Verification as per the NZ code of practice requires that an individual needs to be verified from 2 independent sources for full name, DOB and address.Data Zoo accesses over 13 independent databases in our IDU solution (see Source Databases) ensuring the highest possible match rates in our EV solution.

PEP and sanctions screening Service

Section 26 of the AML/CFT Act requires that a “reporting entity must as soon as practicable after establishing a business relationship or conducting an occasional transaction, take reasonable steps to determine whether the customer or any beneficial owner is a politically exposed person.” If that client is such a person, obligations relating to understanding and verifying the source of wealth or funds of the customer arise.

The Data Zoo watch list service from Dow Jones supplies the following:

    • Global Sanctions and PEP (Political Exposed Person) lists
      • Match configurability
    • SIP’s (Special Interest Person)
      • Includes Terror, Organised Crime, Financial Crime, Trafficking, Corruption, War Crimes, Organised Crime Japan and Tax Crime lists
    • RCA’s (Relative or Close Associate)

Customer Validation

This service is for Ongoing Due Diligence / Customer Due Diligence and is designed specifically for organisations that need to continually and easily validate their existing customer database and where required, update or add new information. It’s vital that customer contact details are always up to date.

Each customer record is cross-referenced against our entire consumer database. The service will:

  • Check if a customer has been added as a Politically Exposed Person or on any sanctions lists
  • Validate your existing records (do you have the correct contact details for your customers)
  • Update existing customer information (is there new/additional information available)
  • Provide you with an updated address if a customer has changed their residential address

Drivers Licence Verification

As identity fraud is increasing in New Zealand, the Driver’s License Verification Service (DLVS) enables you to verify an individuals particulars and be confident, that you know who you’re dealing with.

The Driver’s License Verification Service directly links directly into New Zealand Transport Authority and provides real time verification. Simply provide the individual’s first names, surname, DOB, driver’s licence and version number.

  • All validated fields are returned with a ‘Yes’ confirmation. Any incorrect fields are flagged with a ‘No’ response.

New Zealand Passport, Citizenship and Births – Verification Service

The Department of Internal Affairs, Confirmation Service enables organisations to quickly and efficiently confirm their customers’ identity information against official databases real time, while protecting the privacy of individuals and complies with New Zealand identity and privacy legislation, including the Identity Information Confirmation Act 2012.

  • The data that can be used to verify a customer are:
    • Passport
    • Citizenship
    • Births


Mandatory information needed to be provided is: Individual’s first names, surname, DOB, passport number and expiry date.

  • All validated fields are returned with a ‘Yes’ confirmation. Any incorrect fields are flagged with a ‘error’ response.
  • Lost, stolen passports or deceased persons are flagged.

NZ Citizenship and Births

Mandatory information that needs to be provided: Individual’s first names, surmane and DOB

  • Information returned is a Yes/No verification

Motor Vehicle Registration Service

This service is real time and directly links to the New Zealand Transport Authority-Motor Vehicle Register (MVR). Simply provide the car registration number and the individual’s name. Data Zoo will return the following information:

  • First names and surnames of the individual
  • Address
  • Vehicle description, make and model etc
    If a DOB is provided in the input we will verify first names, surnames and DOB with a yes/no response.

Consumer credit bureau

AML/CFT electronic verification

Utilise consumer credit details (name and DOB or name and address) to verify an individual particulars per the AML/CFT safe harbour requirements.

Credit History

Evaluate a customers credit risk by checking a consumers credit history real time.

Make smarter decisions about the likelihood of a customer fulfilling their credit commitments.