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Telemarketing Lists & Mailing Lists

Need new customers?

Starting that ‘conversation’ with new prospects is an all important part of any organisation’s growth. Data Zoo helps maximise return on investment by providing high quality prospect lists that allow you to meet your growth objectives.

  • Whether you are looking to acquire new customers, reactivate lapsers or retain and grow current relationships, sourcing accurate and discriminative marketing data is key.
  • We hold all the consumer data you could ever need to plan and deliver effective direct marketing campaigns.
  • Target your audience with address profiling so the right message goes to the right people.
  • Profile the right customers through our credit risk solution so as to ensure your prospective customers are viable.

In order to deliver ROI on your activity, protect your Brand and Customer Experience it is critical that you select a data partner who understands that the devil is in the detail when it comes to acquisition data.

  • Data Zoo cleans acquisition lists against the client’s existing customer database to ensure existing customers are not contacted.
  • Clients can tailor lists to specific campaigns, accessing a range of contact information, from address, email, phone, mobile phone as well as profile and segmentation flags.
  • We can help you think more strategically in the target of your required customers and provide you with the most up-to-date information to effectively market your proposition.
  • All data is washed against the DNC, DNM and DI files from the NZ Marketing Association.

Telephone Append and Telephone Verification

This is a data enhancement service (Tele Append or Tele Verify) that is designed to append or verify a phone number to a customer’s database. This information is supplied under contract from Yellow Pages Group.

Tele Append:
This service appends a phone number to a customer’s name and address database

Tele Verify:
This service verifies a phone number to a customer’s name and address database

Additionally Data Zoo can append property ownership particulars to records provided as well as providing a change of address service and then performing a Tele Append on the updated name and address record.

Customer Validation

Maintaining your greatest asset – your existing customer data base.

Keeping a relationship going takes work! And it’s near impossible when you have lost your customers’ contact details, through every day changes such as marriage, a house move, a change of email or telecommunications provider.

Data Zoo enable organisations to maximise the value in their existing database by washing customer data against the Data Zoo aggregated database in order to verify the correctness of the data and identify gaps.

This process not only highlights errors in formatting ie 1a vs 1A, it also highlights out of date information, and replaces it with the correct and up to data information.

For organisations who understand the value in having an ongoing relationship with their customers this process of ongoing verification and updating of customers’ contact details is essential to staying connected and maximising ROI on sales and marketing activity.

Insight segmentation and analytics

We go beyond the Census information and incorporate real life insights that represent consumers lifestyle and address behaviours.

Our tools help deliver a deeper understanding of people and where to find them.

We enable you to better understand your customers.

Address intelligence solutions

To drive success in your targeted campaigns partner with Data Zoo to tap in to a greater level of insight into your prospects.

Data Zoo can identify and report on what is happening at a residential address at any given point in time, for example, do they have fibre connected, a land line telephone, who lives at the house – is it a family, what age are the residents, are they planning to sell their house?

A greater level of profiling information is available through Data Zoo and can be tailored to any given campaign ensuring your target the right customers.

Suppression list

The Do Not Call, Do Not Mail, and NZ Deaths lists are available on all of our marketing solutions.

By washing contact lists against them, best practice is upheld: organisations don’t waste time contacting people who don’t want to be contacted, they also protect their brand, and the customer experience.

Data Zoo also has a web based desk top solution enabling you to search the suppression lists to confirm instantly if a person is listed against any of the above.

Customer File Maintenance

We access to one of the largest consumer databases in New Zealand ensuring we can help maintain and manage for customer database

Acquiring customer records is a costly exercise but maintaining existing customer records that deliver revenue is a far more effective way to maximise client penetration opportunities.

Maintaining your greatest asset – your existing customer database – is vital!

Data Zoo’s DZIP solution enables customers to clean, update and append additional attributes to their existing customer database including suppressions listings.

Please refer to our DZIP page.